Unused X-80 SW Y2000

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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 80.5mm
Weight: 11g
Type: Slow Sinking

Outstanding rolling and de-orbiting action !

Megabass has re-engineered the X-80 into a saltwater-specific minnow by changing its internal construction, while keeping the X-80 platform intact. The X-80 Saltwater version is not a mere brand engineering by using a bass lure body, but a minnow specially designed for seabass, and the unique humpback form of the X-80 body produces an outstanding rolling action and de-orbit action. The X-80 saltwater version has been tested repeatedly in the bay areas of the Tokyo metropolitan area and Osaka Bay, and the setting of "low center of gravity and high specific gravity weight in the front of the body and tungsten weight in the rear of the body when the center of gravity shifts" has created a super slim body of only 80mm. The weight setting is a "slow sinking" setting, which is differentiated from a simple sinking plug, to allow the lure to strike the effective range of seabass during feeding time, without floating too much or sinking too low, and to trace the lure for long periods of time. Once you use this weight setting, you will surely feel the effect of the weight setting on your fishing experience.