X-80 Trick DARTER Custom Color

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Condition: New
Length: 80.5mm
Weight: 9.8g
Type: Suspend

Dynamic flash, wide irregular darting !

The X-80, which perfectly matches the basic form of baitfish currently inhabiting Japan, has been developed by faithfully returning to the origins of the "match-the-bait" philosophy. Despite its small size of 80mm in length, the X-80 is 1.7 times taller than conventional minnows in order to create an impact beyond its size. It has a shiner form that can be called an intermediate shape between a minnow and a shad. The dynamic flash, wide irregular darting, and sharp fluttering action that is imminent in shad plugs is achieved by using this shiner body form and Megabass' unique internal construction developed by Ito exclusively for the X-80: "(Front: fixed low center of gravity) ) + (rear: multi-purpose center of gravity shift)" that Ito developed exclusively for the X-80. On a straight retrieve, the lure swims with a dynamic roll action with a fluttering meandering trajectory, and without jerking or twitching, even beginners can easily create an irregular action with a simple stop and go to get an instant fluttering action and flash.


The balancer fixed at the front low center of gravity position overlaps with the roll axis of the rolling action to produce a more dynamic action. The rear moving balancer is equipped with the multi-purpose center of gravity shifting system Mk-2 (PAT.), which not only increases the flying distance but also contributes to the production of trick action.