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Condition: New

Length: 92mm

Weight: 11g

Type: Floating

Megabass introduced the world's first saltwater game to ITO Engineering's patented concept "Shaft Balancer System PAT."

Based on EDONIS rolling, the screw movement that vigorously stirs the water flow while dancing brilliantly and gorgeously is a high pitched roll action only for megabass that is completely different from conventional minnow movements such as wigling and wobbling. It produces new vibrations that the seabass could not have experienced, and the impact of continuous light flashes. In addition, the "Shaft Balancer System PAT." Is a natural silent specification that minimizes the weight sound generated by a weight hitting the lure inner wall with a movable center of gravity lure. The power of twisting monsters from the calm waters and the major spots punched every day is magic unique to EDONIS.

Also, during the roll action, the water flow taken into the intake of the back fin portion violently discharges the high-pressure water flow through the curved pipe to the rear. Water flow agitation at the time of rolling by `` shaft balancer system PAT. '' Produced only by retrieving EDONIS, and jet stream generated by mixing the water flow flowing through the duct, with the feeding switch of the chase seabass turned on, Boldly bring it to the bite.