X-NANAHAN / X-NANAHAN+1 / X-75 / X-75+1 Premium Limited Color SP-C

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Condition: New
Length: 75mm
Weight: 1/4oz
Type: Slow Floating

A masterpiece candidate from birth !

A fusion of the ideals of Shinji Sato, one of Japan's leading hard lure users, and the engineering of lure designer Yuki Ito, who has created many of the world's dominant jerk baits such as the ONETEN. In order to pursue the long castability of a small minnow, the body is precisely carved from a high-volume square block to secure the internal volume, which results in a visually tight silhouette. Air resistance has been thoroughly reduced to achieve overwhelming long distance castability that surpasses the standard flying distance of 70mm class minnows.
The unique shape of the minnow, combined with the latest hydrodynamics, provides excellent swimming response and comfortable handling, and the light action created by the NANAHAN body reproduces the minute waves and flickering sensation of baitfish in an extremely realistic manner. The X-NANAHAN can be twitched to instantly produce a light dart with just a few rod strokes. The X-NANAHAN is a next-generation finesse minnow that pursues the "ultimate" in responsiveness.

High pitch roll action on a straight retrieve.
It has an overwhelming chasing focus that triggers bites just by reeling it in.

Its sharp darting to the left and right by jerking and flashing sets up a feeding trap in the water and stimulates the prey switch of the target.