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Condition: New
Length: 103mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

Turning Silence into "Feeding Time" !

The Lunker Killer Swisher, handcrafted by Yuki Ito for his private game, is now available as X-PLOSE.
The unique twist-shaped propeller has a unique gear hole process that produces a scratchy sound. The flat balancer mounted on the ultra-low center of gravity provides excellent stability to bite the rough water without rotating the body, even when jerking with intense rod work. It also ensures a secure hook set even in rough bites that violently break the surface of the water. When reeling in the lure on a slow retrieve, the lure occasionally wobbles. In calm water, it effectively produces deadly baits.
This is a special edition of the prop bait that is clearly different from other swishers, and contains specifications that are obvious at a glance.

The front and rear rotate in opposite directions. The front and rear peller rotate in opposite directions, increasing body stability and ensuring that bites are brought to the hook set, while also providing torqueful surface agitation.

The low center-of-gravity flat balancer system provides body stability to bounce in rough water without rotating the body.

The special prop rotates reliably even on a dead slow retrieve.
It appeals with dynamic wave motion and flashing.

Gear hole shape that produces a scratching sound in tune with schooling bait. Awakens bass in a wide area.