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Condition: New
Length: 117mm
Weight: 30g / 40g
Type: Sinking

Fall method specialized casting jig pencil bait

The "XBLADZ" is a jig pencil bait designed specifically for shooting boil, and is imitated by the anchovy, which is the main bait in coastal waters.
The newly developed "MAGHOLD [PAT.P]" holds the front hook with a neodymium magnet immediately after landing on the water. The powerful magnetic force prevents the front hook from getting out of control and ensures a stable fall with a sinking posture and hook position. When a bite occurs, the hook leaves the belly and does not interfere with hooking.
The extremely low center of gravity design with a large air volume on the dorsal side allows the lure to naturally wobble while maintaining a slight forward lean even in free fall, creating the effect of a baitfish weakly breaking away from the school.
The XBLADZ is a secret weapon that uses Megabass Factory's cutting-edge technology to overturn the common sense of casting games for boil shooting.

Suitable hooks by target fish
・Bonito, etc. (less than 5 kg): OWNER ST-46/ST-56 #2 - #1
・Bluefin and yellowfin tuna, etc. (over 5kg): OWNER ST-66 #2 - #1
・Standard equipped hook: OWNER ST-46 #2

Realistic Form & Special Balance for Fall Method

A large air volume on the dorsal side and a molded weight on the belly provide a stable fall despite the heavy weight. In free fall, the lure maintains a slight forward lean and wobbles naturally, imitating an anchovy weakly breaking away from the school.

Stainless steel through-wire & thick ABS construction

The wire is made of 1.2mm diameter stainless steel wire.
The ABS outer wall is 2mm thick, with a 3.6mm wall thickness around the penetrating wire, designed to withstand fights with bonito and tuna alike.


A magnetic field is generated from the rear inner wall of the front hook eye. The powerful magnetic force holds the hook to the body, increasing stability during the fall and preventing the hook from getting out of control. The hook is held in the body by the powerful magnetic force. It also reduces the sound and presence of contact between the hook and the body of the lure, giving a sense of comfort to nervous targets. This is an original system only available from Megabass.