Used XJ-100 2005

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Condition: Used
Length: 100mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

The XJ-100 works as a swinging crankbait that boldly pulls down super shallow water on a straight retrieve. Unlike conventional jonted plugs with wobbling over-action, the XJ-100's unique "high pitch swing" with rolling action has a "vibration impact" comparable to vibration plugs. When twitching or jerking, the XJ-100's unique balancer system (PAT.P) provides a responsive response. The acrobatic fluttering action that makes the lure flutter its abdomen and roll over is superb. The dynamic fluttering and kicking action when it comes into contact with an obstacle may be just like the movement of a baitfish.
Also, if you hold the rod in a high position and retrieve it slowly...If there was a jointed version of the Griffon Zero  If there was a jointed version of the Griffon Zero, it might move like this. It agitates the surface of the water with a high-pitch swing, and works well as a topwater plug.
Pull out the many secret actions that the XJ-100 possesses, and get the one and only one that only you can catch.