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Condition: New (box have scratches and stains)
Length: 100mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

In fields where tall baits such as crucian carp and bluegill breed, such as in shallow ponds, urban rivers with fertile water, and waterways, XJF's unique body form produces a strong wave motion when it rolls, and its flexible 3-part jointed body provides a liveliness and feeding impact that brings big fish to the bite. The XJF can be described in one word a "floating vibe in shallow water". It is not only capable of high-tempo shallow cranking, but also shows its power as a liveliness noisy bait that swims on the surface with a subdued metal sound on a slow retrieve with the rod in the standing position. Remove the metal flap tail and it transforms into a high pitch crankbait. The unique tail shape produces a bubble sound, enabling a different approach.