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Condition: New
Length: 108.5mm
Weight: 3/4oz
Type: Floating

Multi-adjustment for Clever Fish !

The XPOD is the world's first transformation-plug. The COMMAND BILL(PAT.), which has seven distinct settings, is adjustable according to angler preference and specific conditions. Each rugged setting alters the pressure and volume in the WATER INTAKE(PAT.), changing the lure's displacement, weight ratio, and body balance. By altering the properties of rod actino and lip setting, it can be adjusted for use in various situations. The XPOD is a multi-performance lure, allowing anglers to tap into its many abilities and applications. It can transform into 4 modes for top water: a roll-walking pencil bait, a dog-walking popper for targeting specific areas, a sliding pencil popper for targeting wide areas, and a splash head to lure in prey through sound and splashing. For the sub-surface it has 2 modes: a diving pencil and a diving popper. In addition, it has a special trick-darting dive mode using random trajectories and rolling action, allowing it to be used for slow retrieves as a diving swim-bait.

ROD WORK: Continuous twitch
Used with the Command Bill completely closed. The water pressure inside the cup is reduced, the amount of incoming water is minimized, and the keel on the back side of the Command Bill creates a sharp "roll and turn". The keel on the underside of the Command Bill creates a sharp "roll and turn" action, making it a "roll walker bait" with a dynamic flickering action that turns the lure's stomach. It can be used for nighttime pencil bait games and rough water fishing, where it has been difficult to time the dogwalk, by generating a one-knock sound with a shock wave and repeating sharp turns to achieve an easy dogwalk.

ROD WORK: Continuous twitching
Operate the command bill and adjust the level to your liking between one and two levels where a "click" sound is generated. With continuous twitching, the mouth part produces a quiet and natural popping sound with a fine bubble while sliding long to the left and right. At the same time, it produces a hard one-knock sound. This "Pencil Popper" mode is effective when searching a wide area at a high tempo to draw out aggressive feeding fish.

ROD WORK: Twitch and pause
A wide command bill with three or more clicks is suitable for the "Popper" mode, which is effective for pin spot fishing. It produces a biological muffled popping sound and bubbles, and works as a "picky popper" with low travel distance even in pin spots. It can also be used as a silent popper by manipulating it softly. It is effective when it is jerked sharply from time to time and a one-knock sound is mixed in. If you jerk it with a taut line, you can make it dive slightly just below the surface. If you continue to reel it in with a straight retrieve, it will actively take in water through the intake and become a "swimbait" that swims irregularly in the sub-surface range.

ROD WORK: Twitch & Pause
Spread the command bill slightly wide and adjust it to bite the water sufficiently. By keeping the line tension taut, a large amount of water is taken in through the intakes in the mouth, and water flows through the ducts under the gills. This creates a water-to-body specific gravity and posture suitable for diving. In situations where the fish are not fully exposed to the water, or when you want to target a big fish at a crucial pin, it is effective to generate a splash and pop sound at the surface and occasionally dive. With a straight retrieve, more water is drawn into the head than with the Command-3, so it can be used as a swimbait to maintain a constant swim layer in sub-surface ranges.

ROD WORK: Straight retrieve
As the Command Bill is lowered, it acts as a stabilizer to control the darting swim posture. At the same time, the water flowing into the intake is actively channeled through the ducts below the gills, allowing for a straight retrieve while maintaining a constant depth in shallow water. Pursuing the escaping action of a medium-sized real bait encountered in peak season currents, the lure swims with an irregular meandering trajectory and a slow flickering roll action. It is a secret real action that turns on clever monsters that have given up on high appeal swimbaits such as conventional swimbaits and S-stroke lures. It is destructive as a tricky dart swimmer when targeting feeding monsters in backwaters, searching shallow in vast weed bottoms, and in river games. When you set it up for the right situation, it's a sight to behold when several giant fish track the XPOD and fight for it.

This lure transforms into a special lure that is a must-have for expert anglers when encountering backwater situations where the bait leans out of the water and runs away, or when slow-rolling over vast areas of sticky calm water. In addition, it can also be used for saltwater games such as shallow sea bass and sea urchin.
In this mode, there is no click sound when adjusting the command bill. Please be careful not to apply excessive force as it may cause damage.