2021 Limited Color SP-C KURO DARUMA

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This is a Megabass-style arrangement of the Dharma doll.
Dharma dolls are familiar to Japanese people as good luck charms that make wishes come true.
The face is just "the Dharma".

GRIFFON ZERO's round and cute shape is just like a Dharma.
It will be finished off with painting techniques and a sense of color scheme that make the most of the lure modeling.

The back of the lure is engraved with "鬼手仏心".

On the back of each lure, the name "鬼手仏心" is boldly printed. The Japanese words “鬼手” means “Demon’s hands” and  “仏心” means “Buddha’s heart”. So, the "鬼手仏心" means that appearance and deed like a demon’s one but it’s heart is Buddha.

We hope that the impact of the coloring and the design of the lure will be raised to a higher level, and that this lure will be an item that leads to a moving encounter with a memorial fish.