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Condition: New (box have cracks)
Length: 66.0mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

Cover cranking" as practiced by Class A pros....
Z-CRANK cover hacking is equipped with "snagless protection" (PAT.P) by high elasticity circle guard. It completely protects the elliptical circumference where the hook point dances. The front hook, which makes first contact with bushes, timbers and other cover, is completely protected to reduce the risk of getting stuck. In rocky areas and riprap, the fine wire with a carefully selected modulus of elasticity, which has been thoroughly tested, provides "bumper performance" to repel contact structure. This reduces the bite of crankbaits in rocky areas and riprap. The Z-CRANK Cover Hucking was developed with a more buoyant body than the original Z-CRANK. Its high buoyancy improves the recovery rate even if the lure is rooted to an obstacle. The diving depth is set 30cm shallower than the diving range of the original Z-CRANK. It is a special crank bait that excels in a special battle to get reaction bites with a fast-moving plug rather than a soft bait against structures such as submerged covers encountered in shallow water, which have been the enemy of conventional crank baits.
Just like the original Z-CRANK, this is a completely handmade plug that is manufactured with careful adjustments made for each individual product.