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Condition: New (#HOT TIGER box have a crack)
Length: 58.5mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating

The traditional wood Megabass first plug "Z-CRANK" has been reborn as the New Generation Z-CRANK by the hands of a modern Megabass craftsman.
The bulky form that has been newly analyzed and carved out, and the natural wood that produces the same smooth action as the original Z-Crank, will boldly strike tough fish.
The high buoyancy characteristics and high strength, thin glass fiber coffin lip create a strong wave action and high pitch grind wobbling like a vibration plug.
In muddy cover, it can appeal to fish hiding in the cover with a strong and vivid presence. In addition, the unique form and high elasticity coffin lip of the new generation Z-CRANK enhances snagless performance and reduces the chance of getting stuck in complicated shallow area covers. Therefore, the Z-CRANK RED LABEL can aggressively attack complex cover areas such as bushy shallow water, riprap, and stumps, where normal injection crankbaits have been unable to attack, with the mysterious stimulation created by the natural wood.
This is the super crankbait that experts have been waiting for.

The Z-Crank has an ultra-thin glass fiber lip that is bonded to the body using Megabass' unique anti-distraction construction (PAT.P). The Z-Crank has an amazing high pitch grind wobbling action.
This prevents the lip from being damaged due to miss-hits on obstacles, and at the same time gives the lure an amazingly sharp action.