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Condition: New
Length: 68.5mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

The stretchy body with an elongated body length ratio gives the lure a bait-like, enticing and supple swimming action. The Z-CRANK TEARDROP is very effective against selective bass that have become minnow feeders. Its sharp rolling action and long body combine to produce a mild flickering effect. A long term test conducted in order to get tough neutral fish to bite in shallow water during low and high water temperatures has finally resulted in a "bite" crank bait.
The overwhelming buoyancy of the air-filled soft balsa makes it possible to avoid obstacles in spite of its long body. This lure is designed to create an aggressive and realistic cranking game by tightly entangling the fish in dotted structures. Developed for use as a "tournament utility" to beat tough fish, this is a competition-oriented model that specializes in getting fish to bite.

Ultra-thin fiberglass lip for amazing high pitch grind wobbling Z-Crank has an ultra-thin fiberglass lip attached to the body with Megabass' proprietary anti-destruction construction (PAT.P). The lip is designed to suppress damage to the lure's body caused by a mis-hit against an obstacle, and at the same time, the lure's action is incredibly sharp.