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Condition: New (The box and paper have discoloration.)
Length: 77mm
Weight: 3/8oz

Ultra high pitch awesome bait !

The entire lip and body of the zonk receive and reject water pressure, creating a writhing rolling action with an astonishing number of amplitudes (pitch). Zonk has an ultra-thin fiberglass lip that blends in with water colors, preventing lip breakage due to miss-hits. Zonk's fast-back body allows it to achieve amazing water shedding and swim with incredible stability even in powerful tidal currents at high tide. Seabass that have lowered their hooks will bite up to the ultra-fast flickering of the Zonk, creating an overwhelming feeding impact. This is the unique fish-attracting impact of Zonk that far exceeds the common appeal of conventional slim minnows. The flash surface body and the unique dispersed center of gravity mount optimally positioned inside the body cut through headwinds and do not stall in crosswinds, even when strong winds are blowing, which can stall the flight of gravity shift minnows, and create a laser shot like a bow and arrow. Thus, the Zonk is a next-generation minnow that twists a few more waves over and adds to the catch of sea bass that have dropped far below the productive range through which the lure passes.