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Condition: Unused (some scratches)

Length: 132mm
Weight: 22.4g
Type: Suspend

At first glance, the Tadamaki looks like an orthodox long-bill minnow, but it has a completely new concept. Its aim is to be a cranking minnow that is used by simply reeling it in. The slim body and rolling action of the plug is designed to capture the range of crankbaits.
In addition, the unique lip shape keeps the lure in a natural horizontal position at maximum depth, whereas normal long-bill minnows keep swimming in a head-down position even at maximum depth. The casting fins on the back side of the lip to improve castability, enabling long casting and long range tracing.
With a silhouette different from crankbaits and a stance different from long-bill minnows, the Tadamaki reaches the range of big bass. The jerk and stop is effective in early spring, of course, but you can use Tadamaki all season long.
The "132" has been upgraded to the "132JP" in 2018. The 132JP is designed to be used with large bass that feed on slightly larger baits. It is a practical lure that is easy to use.