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Condition: New
Length: 89mm
Weight: 11.8g
Type: Slow Floating

Building a new deep minnowing !

Short-billed minnows are the world's standard lure, with a silhouette similar to that of a real baitfish, and are used extensively at depths of 1 to 2m, regardless of the season. On the other hand, minnows that attack depths of 2.5m and deeper do not seem to be heavily used. Why is it that crank baits are used in all ranges of water, but minnows are not? In order to put a stone to such a situation, we aimed to produce minnows that can be used with bait tackle at depths of approximately 3.5 to 4m. The size of minnows in general is about the same as that of crank baits, but the size of minnows is much smaller. The size of minnows is generally 7 to 13cm, but we chose a minnow in the 9cm class, which is heavy enough to achieve the necessary distance to dive to 4m and is close to the size of baitfish in that range. In order to differentiate it from crank baits, we also emphasized the slimness of the minnow, which is one of the advantages of minnows. One of the drawbacks of long-bill minnows is that they are difficult to produce casting distance. This is especially true as the lip size increases to produce different ranges. The ASURA 89EX-DR can be cast long even with a large lip thanks to the W-tungsten center of gravity shift and a body shape that has been carefully studied for aerodynamic drag. The action of the honeycomb body, which maintains the body's light weight and strength, and the low center of gravity weighting enable a high pitch, tight action with a good swimming start. The long lip provides good evasion ability, allowing the lure to dive at a steep angle and reach up to 4.2m from the water's surface. It keeps its range and slides sharply even when twitched after diving. Thus, the lure overcomes the challenges of its genre and achieves a depth of over 4m with a slim 9cm body, aiming for unprecedented existence value.

Double tungsten center of gravity shift

The use of two high-specific-gravity tungsten weights in the moving weight reduces the size of the lure and allows it to roll all the way to the tip of its tail. It also has a low center of gravity when swim, contributing to increased stability and response.

Super Long Bill

The driving force that increases the casting distance and at the same time stays ahead to over 4m to overturn the image of long bill minnows that a slender and large lip is hard to fly.

Honey comb body

By placing honeycomb ribs inside the body, the thickness of the body has been reduced by approximately 40% compared to our previous model. This weight reduction while maintaining strength allows the center of gravity to be shifted to the center of gravity, resulting in a more responsive action. This technology is widely used in aircraft and ships.