Used ASURA 925 SP

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Condition: Used
Length: 92.5mm
Weight: 8.5g
Type: Suspend

NEW STANDARD born from "necessity" in actual battle

No hard lure has as many short bites as a jerk bait. It is often manipulated by twitch or jerk, and the cause is the way of attaching those actions that easily cause line slack. Furthermore, since the bites are concentrated at the moment when the lure is stopped, it is more correct to say that it is hard to notice the bite itself rather than the fact that there are many short bites. In the first place, a bite is hard to feel if the lure is sucked into the mouth with water. You can feel the weight of the bass on the tip of the needle for the first time. In other words, the more needles there are, the easier it is to feel the bite, and the probability doubles by itself.

The conventional 9cm jerk bait has traditionally used two hooks, but the ASURA adopted the three hooks for the first time in the 9cm class in the world. In addition, in all items related to performance, elements that double fishing results are condensed. One of them is the flight distance (compared to our company) that does not break the record even after 4 years have passed since the release. Jerkbait has many opportunities to use in clear water and when the bass is nervous, and long cast increases the number of bite. The longest weight ball travel distance in the class is secured by the calculated body shape and the newly developed sideways low ride eye. The long cast performance of class No.1 has been realized.
The second is the adoption of a full flat body. For the flushing, which is a key to bite induction, we adopted this shape that cuts off the side flat, while it is said that the cross section is oval. Furthermore, it is equipped with an action that maximizes this mirror-like flushing. With a wide slide width and a slit-like dirt, by adding a roll that shows the belly, we realized a flushing dirt that gives an extreme impact. In addition, the free winding performance, which was often neglected until then, has been achieved at a super high level, and it can be said that a new level of jerk bait has been completed.