Unused ASURA RUDRA 130 HF 10th Anniversary Limited Y2015

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Condition: Unused
Length: 130mm
Weight: 17.0g
Type: Floating

The body is made of bone material,
a first for Rudra, for a special high float and high sound !

What is the Rudra 130HF 10th Anniversary Limited Model?
The Rudra is available in four types: SP, F, S, and fixed weight SF. The only hole left is the high sound produced by the bone resin and tungsten weight. This sound appeals to a wide range of fish, including bass hiding in cover, and works well with the high-float setting as a top diving minnow, making a clear difference in fishing results compared to clear resin. By using bone resin, the body is about 5% lighter and the buoyancy is increased, and even though the weight of the lure is increased by 15% with double tungsten, a high float can be achieved. The tungsten rolls to the rear of the lure, which stabilizes the lure's flight posture and improves its flying distance. The combination of bone resin and honeycomb body weight reduction measures has resulted in an action response that exceeds the limits of a 13cm minnow. This model is more than just a commemorative model, it is an ultra-realistic model that was developed to be used in patterns to increase fishing results.

Honeycomb HP Body
The bigger the body size, the more effective the honeycomb becomes. The light weight of this body has gone beyond the common knowledge of ABS plastic and has renewed the concept of a tight wobble.

Fully Flat Body

The high quality of flashing and undulation from this body is practically impossible to achieve from a round or oval body. The fully flat body has higher appeal to bass and yields more bites.

The Best Lip for Jerkbaits

No matter the genre of the lures, the best lip does not imply that it is the thinnest. We have selected the best material and shape to create a jerkbait with both a strong darting action with a roll big enough to show its stomach and a tight wobbling action even in a normal retrieve.