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Condition: Used (hooks are replaced)
Length: 130mm
Weight: 19.5g
Type: Slow Floating

Silent & fixed weight hit the blind spot of big minnow

Rudra SPEC2 stopped moving the center of gravity and fixed weight and silent. A stable swim with a strong fit that is unique to fixed weights offers good sensitivity and outstanding operability. In addition, even if it hits a hard jerk or a structure, swimming performance is always maintained without breaking the swim. In addition, snagless performance by slow floating, STOP & GO by quick swimming, and sharp demand for silent dart performance are fully supported. It is a big minnow that is strong in tough conditions and was developed to bring nervous big bass to bites around structures and shallow backwater.

Honeycomb Super HP body that surpasses the limits of ABS (PAT.)

Honeycomb-like reinforcing ribs are installed inside the body to maintain the strength of the body while making it thinner. The light weight of the body accentuates the low center of gravity and realizes a light action that exceeds the limits of ABS resin.

Thorough weighting pattern

Low center of gravity is achieved by using thin plate weights and small tungsten balls. Each weight is placed in a position to achieve both trolling and darting performance at a high level.

Unique center-of-gravity fixation

The center-of-gravity shifting rails were intentionally left in place to incorporate the middle plate (reflector) and fix the weights. The reason for this is to improve the darting performance by dispersing the center of gravity. The response of the lure is improved by slow floating.