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Condition: Unused
Length: 113mm
Weight: 18g
Type: Sinking

Also dominates the realm of 11cm sinking minnows

Fourteen years after the birth of the 9cm "ASHURA" and 10 years after the birth of the 13cm "RUDRA", the 11cm minnow VARUNA was born. These two items were developed with the aim of being No. 1 in their respective classes, and have been active at the forefront of fishing both domestically and internationally, regardless of the species of fish. After many years of use in actual fishing, we were convinced of the necessary elements based on our experience and achievements, and in the development of VARUNA, we were able to decide without hesitation on the body and lip shape, as well as the material, position, and balance of the weight used, and all other specifications. The body shape is a full flat body that has both the power to induce flashing bites and the ability to resist being caught by the wind when casting. Inside the body is a honeycomb super HP body (PAT.) made of ABS resin, which is both lightweight and strong, and achieves high-response swimming. Three small-diameter tungsten balls are mounted on the moving weight to achieve a crisp action due to the low center of gravity and the flying distance and accuracy obtained from a stable flight posture due to the weight moving to the tail. The sinking model has a heavier front fixed weight, which speeds up the sinking speed (about 1.2 times faster than the sinking speed of the RUDRA130S), clearly differentiating it from the suspending model in terms of range. The VARUNA is a sinking minnow with no blind spots, and its total performance has been raised to the highest level, dominating the 11cm sinking minnow category.

Honeycomb Super HP Body

The wall thickness of the side of the body is reduced by 40% compared to our company to reduce weight while maintaining strength with honeycomb. It is able to approach the limits of ABS resin in terms of both weight reduction and strength. The effect of this is to concentrate the center of gravity and lower the center of gravity, which greatly contributes to a good swim start, light swimming and response just like the real thing.

Fixed low center of gravity & triple tungsten center of gravity shift

By using three small-diameter tungsten weights, the weight ball moves to the vicinity of the tail tip, realizing accuracy and long casting performance due to the stable flight posture. The low center of gravity of the fixed weight and the triple tungsten weight makes the lure sharp and durable even when reeling quickly, and the wobble and roll action has high bite inducing power.

Full Flat Body

The flat side concept of the minnow originated from the Asura produces flashing and water push that cannot be compared to a round body. It is a technology that has been proven by more than 10 years of fishing data. It also has a large volume, so it can suspend the maximum weight (in the same length x width x height), which greatly contributes to its flying distance.