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Condition: Unused
Length: 113mm
Weight: 15.7g
Type: Slow Floating

Silent and fixed center of gravity SF models attack opposite situations !

VARUNA was released in the early spring of 2015, 14 years after the birth of the 9cm Asura and 10 years after the 13cm RUDRA. Having used the two previous jerk baits for many years, we fully equipped the lure with all the necessary elements and structures to catch fish. The body is a slim type that is good for minnows, and has a full flat body shape that produces flashing, which is an essential element, and a honeycomb super HP body (PAT.) that has a low center of gravity with multiple small-diameter center-of-gravity shifting weights to achieve both lightness and strength. The new SPEC2-SF is the strongest 11cm minnow with enhanced performance in all areas, such as high response trolling with good swimming start, light and sharp twitching, and sharp darting action. The new SPEC2-SF has two moving weights instead of the three used in the SP model, and they are placed in a position where they can both fly and swim, and fixed with an ultra-thin middle plate. Although it is not as good as the original shifting center of gravity type, we have minimized the variation in flying distance as much as possible for an 11cm fixed center of gravity minnow. It maintains its swimming posture from the moment it hits the water, even when cast with quiet accuracy, and its slow floating action makes it ideal for attacking around structure with its excellent evasion ability. The silent design of the SPEC2 makes it effective in clear water and tough conditions, while sacrificing casting distance by eliminating the center of gravity shift.

Honey comb super HP body

The wall thickness of the side of the body has been reduced by 40% compared to our company to reduce weight while maintaining strength with honeycomb. This technology has surpassed the limits of conventional ABS resin in terms of both weight reduction and strength. The effect of this technology is to concentrate the center of gravity and lower the center of gravity, which greatly contributes to a good swim start, light swimming and response just like the real thing.

Fixed center of gravity

The three moving weights used in the SP model have been reduced to two and placed in a position that allows for both flight and swimming, and fixed with an ultra-thin middle plate.

Full flat body

The flat side concept minnow originated from the Asura produces flashing and water push that cannot be compared to a round body. It is a technology that has been proven by more than 10 years of fishing results. Since it has a larger volume, it can suspend the maximum amount of weight (in the same length x width x height), which greatly contributes to its flying distance.