Used BENT MINNOW 106F-SW Salt Water Color

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Condition: Used
Length: 106mm
Weight: 10.5g (with rings and hooks)
Type: Floating

Transcends the dimensions of a lure

Bent minnow that heats up surface game with action and silhouette that transcends lure, which can only be produced by body bent at proper angle Bent Minnow 106F-SW was developed to catch various fish eateries in salt water such as seabass. The most distinctive feature of the Bent Minnow is its unique curving action. The bent minnow has a completely different type of action than a normal lure that swims in water on its lip. The vented body produces a number of effects, for example, simply floating it sideways can reproduce the action of a small fish in a highly realistic manner. It attracts all kinds of fish eaters from surprisingly wide and deep areas and produces bites. When you twitch the lure, it produces a flashing and quick dart action with zero distance to help the fish. This is a natural 3D dart action that is unpredictable and both the user and the target do not know which way it will dart. This action frustrates the target and triggers an even more intense lunge bite. It's also a fast and continuous twitch action that causes small fish to flee the surface of the water as they are being chased. In other words, this bait can deal with all kinds of situations on the surface of the water from dead sticking to escaping escape action at the highest level. The Bent Minnow 106F-SW is a one-of-a-kind bait with an appeal that is clearly different from other baits with unknown possibilities, and which has a special triggering power on the surface of the water.


The effect of the bent and sideways posture is so strong that even just letting it float on the surface of the water will clearly make a difference in the reaction of sea bass and yellowtail. Depending on the situation, you can create a spasmodic action with a fine shake or let the line flow with no action in the wind to enjoy an exciting top water game that breaks the surface.

Twitch & Pause

The basic action is to twitch the lure lightly two or three times and pause. This action creates the impression of a weak small fish using its remaining strength to escape and come to rest. In order to create this effect, the rod work must be very soft. This action is only possible with a bent minnow that can dart with little effort.

Continuous twitching on the water surface

The speedy and continuous short twitches make the lure extremely irregular, and it can produce a tricky darting action not only left to right but also up and down, and a panic bait with small fish jumping from the surface. This action is a powerful attraction that only a bent minnow can provide.