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Condition: Unused (hooks are replaced)
Length: 106mm
Weight: 10.0g
Type: Floating

Transcend the dimension of the lure

The Bent Minnow heats up the surface game with an action and silhouette that transcends that of a lure, which can only be created by a body bent at the proper angle. This one-of-a-kind curvilinear, twisting action is a completely different type of action from the usual lure that swims with the water on its lip. The bent body produces a multitude of effects, for example, simply by floating it on the surface of the water, it can reproduce a weakened small fish in an ultra-realistic manner. It attracts bass from a surprisingly wide area and produces a large number of bites. When twitched, it produces realistic flashing and a quick dart with no running distance, which is very different from the straight body of the bait. The action is an unpredictable natural 3D dart action that neither the user nor the bass can predict which way the lure will dart. The speedy twitching action makes the small fish flee to the surface of the water as if they are being chased by the bass. In other words, it can respond to any situation on the surface of the water at the highest level, from deadly dead-sticking to a furious escaping action. The Bent Minnow 106 is a one-of-a-kind bait that retains the action of the original while increasing its appeal to big bass and demonstrating its special ability to trigger them on the surface of the water.

Dead sticking

Putting the lure on the surface of water for a while and sometimes giving short pitch shake makes slight wake. Dying action by making it dive by slight twitch and let it float and lie is very effective.

Soft twitch

By repeating twitch a few times and letting it stay on the water, you can produce small fish chasing madly hatching insects.

Continuous twitch on the surface of water

It reproduce panicing small fish trying to escape from bass by jumping out of water. No bass can ignore this action which only Bent minnow can produce.

Simple retrieve

Rolling action which create weak wave motion brought by slow retrieve is almost like exhausting small fish after spawning.

Natural 3D dart action

3D tricky dart action is unable to foresee whether to bend. That transcended the region of lure. It can dive in the water naturally like rise of small fish.