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Condition: Unused
Length: 53mm
Weight: 9.0g
Type: Hi Floating

The newborn baby that will accelerate the generation change of shallow water cranks

Blitz is a super-aggressive shallow crank that hits all shallow areas like lightning. At first glance, it looks like a standard shallow water crank, but it has evolved over several generations by focusing on the inner workings to achieve the best fishing performance. Its performance can be seen in just one cast. Of course, the fishing results are also remarkable, and we have accumulated a lot of results right after the announcement.
The performance we aimed for was an overwhelming action that would uproot the fish and bring them to bite, and the evolution of all basic performance. First of all, the main weight is fixed for stable swimming without being bounced and deviating greatly even when hitting cover. The lack of shifting the center of gravity also prevents castability, which is a concern, and the low center-of-gravity weight design and aerodynamic body design allows the lure to drop to the targeted spot. In addition, the unique semi-flat body has doubled the appeal of the round crank by incorporating the merits of snagless performance and flat side elements. The lip is made of a square-shaped, ultra-thin, lightweight HP slash bill, which greatly improves the snagless performance and the sharpness of the swimming action, as well as the ability to detect the bottom through increased sensitivity. The weight of the body has been reduced to the limit where it will not affect casting. In particular, the honeycomb super HP body (PAT.) has a tremendous effect, succeeding in making the body 40% thinner (compared to our previous model) while maintaining its strength, thus reducing its weight and increasing its air capacity to the utmost limit. In this way, we have succeeded in providing the top class performance without compromising on any item, such as the top class high float and super high pitch response in its class. We are proud to say that its amazing ability to attract fish and get them to bite is the No.1 shallow crank in the same size range, regardless of whether it is ABS or wood. The extreme performance makes further evolution impossible.

HP Slash Bill

The wide and square shape not only guards the hook, but also maintains a stable posture when it hits the cover, improving snagless performance. In terms of action, the pitch speed has reached an extreme level. In addition, the hard material improves sensitivity and clearly conveys even subtle differences in bottom quality that do not show up on the fish finder.

Honeycomb HP Body

The inner wall of the body has been shaved into a honeycomb shape to reduce weight and increase buoyancy, and the response (speed of amplitude), which is the biggest key to getting bites, has been dramatically increased. The high response means that the lure's lip taps against the cover more often, improving snagless performance and allowing the lure to escape before it gets too deep.

One Weight Under balance System

The main weight is lowered to the limit with the under-balance system. The fulcrum of the lure's movement is concentrated at a low point, resulting in an intense and amazing high-pitch action response.

Semi-Flat Body

While maintaining the snagless performance of a round crank, the semi-flat body creates a flashing effect and a strong wave action to attract more fish.