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Condition: Unused
Length: 53.0mm
Weight: 11.0g
Type: Floating

Birth of an elite crank that dominates the 3ⅿ range

Crankbaits are the most desired hard lure for size and range development depending on the season, water color, and type of bait. The best fishing results cannot be obtained if the swim range is too shallow or too deep for the bottom or weed tops.
The Blitz DR is a maximum 3.5ⅿ dive from the surface (effective range around 3.0m) that fills the wide range gap between the existing Blitz MR and Blitz EX-DR. For example, it shows its valuable high performance in a wide range of situations, such as fishing in 2-3m deep water at the foot of the water, capes and breaklines from boats, standing trees and rocks, and weed and dredge areas in big lakes where long casts are necessary.

Starting with the Bazin cranks at the time of O.S.P.'s establishment, the crank lineup has been proliferating since the release of Blitz in 2004. The cranks are designed to be used by customers for a long time as part of a long-term army, with no need for model changes. The honeycomb Super㏋ body (PAT.), which is 40% thinner than ours while maintaining the same strength, provides fast swimming and high pitch action. Even with a fixed center of gravity, the lure is less likely to rotate in a headwind and can be cast for long periods of time. By eliminating rails inside the body, plastic is reduced and the center of gravity is concentrated by making the weight heavier to compensate for the increased buoyancy. Vibrations are clearly transmitted, making it easy to use even with a 7-ft class glass rod. The high sensitivity allows anglers to quickly detect when the lure touches structure and to stop the retrieve before it gets stuck deep in the water, allowing anglers to relax and avoid getting stuck.
The lip is based on a rounded shape that is easy to pull out of weeds, and the tip is flattened to prevent it from collapsing sideways on hard bottom and to allow it to fall forward. Even on a dead slow retrieve, the vibration is felt in the hand and the lip shape and buoyancy help the lure to avoid structure without losing its enticing ability. The body shape is round with semi-flat sides for flashing to trigger bites. The Blitz DR is a world-class crankbait designed based on the physical theory and proven performance of O.S.P. crankbaits over many years.

High-Response body

A honeycomb super ㏋ body (PAT.) that is both strong and lightweight is used with high-specific-gravity tungsten balls for an ultra-low center of gravity. The horizontal eye minimizes the distance between the two weights and contributes to a centralized center of gravity. The zero waste body allows for a high-response action.

Semi-Flat body

The semi-flat side of the lure, which is halfway between a round and flat side, ensures a stable flight posture and flying distance that is less affected by the wind. The body shape is a good combination of the two, producing flashing during the swim to induce bites.

Semi-Flat lip

The wide lip and flattened tip prevents the lure from falling over when it hits a hard obstacle, and helps the lure avoid getting stuck as it rides over. The flat tip is not long, but has a rounded element, which allows the lure to easily slip through weeds and other obstacles.