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Condition: Unused
Length: 90.0mm
Weight: 45g
Type: Floating

Shortest route to big bass with regular size feel

Effectiveness of Big Cranks
Big cranks can be used to quickly check a wide area with a long cast, and their wobbling action, which pushes the water firmly from side to side, has a strong appeal. The lip of the crank has snag-free performance when it contacts structure, and its ability to float and avoid structure is also an attractive feature. This lure is also very effective in attracting big bass, which are not attracted to regular sized lures that prey on gills and other fish. This lure is attracting attention as a means of efficiently catching big bass in fields where bass are becoming larger and larger.

Unparalleled usability beyond the No. 1 performance in its class
The Blitz Magnum MR was developed with the aim of achieving the No. 1 performance in its class, making it a big crank that anyone can use easily and comfortably. The center of gravity shift, which determines the total performance of the crank, was not included because it was determined that it would clear concerns about flying. The fixed center of gravity type has no rails or other waste meat inside, so it has a good swimming start and produces a crisp, lively action, and after hitting structure, it recovers quickly and is less likely to get rooted in. The honeycomb super HP body (PAT.), which is 40% thinner than our conventional body while maintaining the same strength, makes the body lighter and the center of gravity more concentrated than with a simple fixed center of gravity type, giving the lure a physical advantage. The fixed center of gravity is highly sensitive and has a high ability to detect structure at the lip, so it can quickly detect weeds and can respond to techniques such as daring the lure to lightly stack the lure and float to avoid them. The synergistic effect of the fast swimming action and the flashing effect of the semi-flat body increases the number of bites. Blitz Magnum MR is a middle-runner big crank bait that is easy to cast and can be reeled in quickly with a light retrieve, allowing anglers to continue fishing comfortably all day long without stress, while at the same time providing a powerful stimulus to big bass.

Semi flat body

Body shape that provides both castability and flushing.

Honeycomb Super HP Body

Wall thickness is reduced by about 40% compared to our company while maintaining strength. Greatly influences total performance.

Fixed center-of-gravity weight

Optimal weight pattern for middle runner cranks, with a specially ordered low center-of-gravity type in the rear.

Horizontal Eye + Balanced Hook System

This system allows for less daruma-pin retention and more air volume than the vertical eye, and also allows for greater flexibility in weight placement. The number of hook tips can be placed equally on both sides, increasing the hooking rate.