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Condition: Used
Length: 62.0mm
Weight: 12.5g
Type: Hi Floating

Once again... changing the world's standards !

In the ever-evolving world of bass fishing, the big crank has a strong potential to catch big bass, yet it is still an untapped zone. In order to establish this fishing method, we had to completely transcend the performance of conventional big cranks, and the Blitz MAX was born as the core of the new world of tactics that lies ahead. The Blitz MAX has excellent castability, allowing it to be dropped tightly and softly at targeted spots from a distance with a trajectory as low as a spinnerbait.
The ultra-light body allows the lure to start off with zero run-up, creating a biting action as soon as it starts swimming. The swim range is 0-1.8m deep, which can be controlled by changing the rod tip position and retrieve speed. Also, its strong buoyancy drastically reduces getting stuck in all kinds of cover such as bushes, rocks and weeds. When you hang off the lure, the lure is easy to remove, floats well, and has a kickback action that allows you to concentrate on one spot and double your chances of getting a bite. In addition, the lure's trolling action, which is full of biting elements, eliminates the need for difficult techniques and demonstrates the ability to attract and bite from a wide area.
In this way, the combination of new technologies that improve the performance of the lure has resulted in a performance that is clearly different from conventional big cranks. The lure's lightness gives the illusion that it is one size smaller than it is, and the number of situations in which it is actually effective is far greater than you might imagine. The Blitz MAX was developed to target today's tough big bass, and is a big crank of a new dimension that shatters the boundaries of conventional categories.

Honeycomb Super HP Body (PAT.)

The industry's first special honeycomb structure that is both strong and lightweight. For example, it has been widely used in F1 machines, aircraft, bullet trains and ships to reduce weight and increase buoyancy to improve power performance. When this technology is used in a lure, it not only improves snagless performance by increasing buoyancy, but also creates a quick, ultra-responsive action when swimming.

HP Slash Bill

This lip is three times stronger than the ABS lip of the same thickness, and its thinness and stiffness provide excellent bottom detection as well as swimming ability. The lip shape allows the lure to retrieve the target line with an attractive fluttering motion without deviating too far when it hits cover. Of course, it has excellent snagless performance to protect the hook from cover.

Semi-flat body

O.S.P.'s original semi-flat body is the best shape to increase the number of bites while utilizing the advantages of round cranks. The well-calculated shape of the body does not get caught in crosswinds and provides high control performance. The flatness of the lure creates a strong flashing and wave-like action, and it is so appealing that it can lift big bass off the bottom and make them bite.