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Condition: Unused
Length: 50mm
Weight: 10.0g
Type: Floating

Legend of Topwater Crank

The pioneer model that established a new genre of top water cranks, the "Crank" has been at the forefront of fishing since its birth in 2000. The reason for this is that it is a topwater plug that is fun to use and can be fished in large numbers, but it also has excellent appeal to big bass and has the potential to win tournaments. The performance we sought during development was a maximum dive depth of 5cm, which is unbelievably shallow for a crank. At first glance, you might think that a narrow swim range would also mean a narrow appeal range, but the truth is the opposite. However, the truth is just the opposite. The lure's ability to continuously create ripples on the water's surface is what makes it so effective at attracting fish. It is impossible for a crank that dives 10cm to create this strong pull wave from the point of landing and at any retrieve speed. In addition, we emphasized that the lure should not easily fly out into the air in its normal state, without relying on accessories that often sacrifice distance, accuracy, and action. Initially, the developmental mechanism of this performance was kept a secret. The key point in the design that we can say now is the slow floating body. Even in situations where topwater cranks are disadvantaged, such as in rippling water or in open water on high footholds, the lure will not jump out and lose its appeal, but will always perform at its maximum. In other words, there is no optimum retrieve speed for the BUZZN’ Crank, and the fishing action can be sustained from dead slow, when the action normally stops, to ultra fast reeling, when the lure jumps out. Of course, there are certain situations where the lure will only respond at that speed.

Vertical wide lip

The driving force behind the intense action of the lure intensely stimulates the fighting spirit of bass and spreads its appeal over a wide area. It also contributes to snagless performance against floating debris and structure.

Surface Rig

In the top water, where there are many missed bites, it was essential to install #6 hooks in the front and back, which are a little large for a 50mm body. The Key part eliminates the possibility of hooks tangling with each other or with the lip.

High response body

The weight of the body has been reduced to the absolute minimum, and the center of gravity has been centralized to achieve an ultra-high pitch action response.

Balanced Hook System

The horizontal eye, a departure from the common practice of vertical eyes, is the best setting for hooking and catching as the hook points are evenly aligned to the body on both sides. In addition, the horizontal eye has less play in the back and forth direction, drastically reducing tangles between hooks and on the lip.