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Condition: Used
Length: 40mm
Weight: 7.2g
Type: Floating


The CO-BUZZN’ is not just a size reduction plug, it has an explosive punch that cannot be replaced by anything else. It is not something that can be fished because it is small. It is a small topwater crank that can be used in tough fields where the pressure increases year by year, or in situations where the pressure is high due to people ahead of you. Its ultra high-speed wobble roll, which is reminiscent of an electrical device, stimulates even the most sluggish bass. Despite its small body, the CO-BUZZN’ was developed to be used with bait tackle. The slightly heavier weight prevents the lure from jumping out of the water even when reeling it in quickly, and it is less likely to be bounced by bass, which greatly improves the hooking rate. This slow-floating body is the key to its performance. In addition, to prevent the lure from diving, it is equipped with a wakespoiler that looks like ears. The wakespoiler is indispensable for creating a strong pull wave from the point of landing, which is necessary for attacking the reeds. In terms of swimming, the lightweight ultra-thin HP slash bill speeds up the swimming start, and the one-weight design concentrates the fulcrum of movement at one point. As a result, the response and sharpness of the lure have reached the limit. In addition, the action of the lure swims briskly even at ultra-slow speed, and it can respond to any situation without losing its power to attract at any speed. In addition, its swimming action is accompanied by a bubble, which gives it a popper-like sound and an unmatched appeal. And when bass are conscious of insects falling to the surface, a short twitch or shaking action on the surface of the water will produce ripples that can be said to be the sole source of success. As you can see, the CO-BUZZN’ is a small topwater crank with a lot of new technology packed into its small 40mm body to improve its total basic performance, and it has the ability to be used in a wide range of ways, which is why it is so valuable.


The buoyancy is controlled to improve hooking performance and castability. Even though the body has a high specific gravity, it is fitted with a fin that creates a surfacing effect in order to generate an undertow from the moment the lure is released. The fins also work to strengthen the ripples, making it the most appealing lure in its class.

HP Slash Bill

A driving force that produces a crisp action from the moment the retrieve is started without the need for a run-up. The ripple effect from the point of landing on the water is sure to increase your catch.

Surface Rig + Side Eye

CO-BUZZN's special surface rig is set in the indentations on the body to prevent the front and rear #8 hooks from tangling with each other and with the lip. This is the first time for a 40mm body. Even after changing the front to #6 to prevent big fish, none of the above problems occurred.

Slow Floating Body

The slow floating body is the best way to improve the overall accuracy, hook-up rate, and resistance to popping up into the air, which are essential for small top water cranks.