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Condition: Unused
Length: 64.0mm
Weight: 17.0g
Type: Floating

DANGER !! Noizy Crank Explosive !!

The DAIBUZZN’ HEAVY HITTER was developed with a special appeal to big bass in mind under certain conditions. Big bass react strongly to lures that make a loud noise on the surface of the water. Of course, sound quality is important, and simply making a loud sound can have the opposite effect. As a result of focusing on sound quality and volume, we came up with a mixture of O.S.P's original blend of ABS resin, the rolling sound of a large tungsten weight, and the sound of the lure hitting the wall. By doing this in two places at the same time, we were able to create a special echo effect. This double-heavy hit and strong pull wave successfully spread the appeal to a wide area under the guise of a large bait. In addition, even in the short pin spots of the productive zone,
the lure can be instantly noticed by bass and quickly bring in reaction bites. The heavy hitter attracts big bass from a wide area and makes them bite in muddy, low light, rainy weather, river bass that need to be appealed in the current, and shallow patterns from summer to autumn. It is a noisy topwater crank with explosive power that is impossible to control.

Original ABS resin

As a result of the pursuit of sound to increase the appeal of the product, an original ABS resin was created using a unique formulation.

W hit of large tungsten weight

Generates the sound of weighted balls rolling and hitting the wall in two different holes.