Unused DUNK 48 SP

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Condition: Unused
Length: 48mm
Weight: 5.0g
Type: Suspend

Pioneering Spirit

The Small Shad is the hardest lure for tough conditions in any field. Its small and natural shape is very effective against inactive or slack bass in both clear and muddy water. In a sense, the Small Shad is a lure that has evolved uniquely in Japan. For example, it has been widely used in open water where there is little rooting, in shallow ranges of up to 2m, by twitching or just reeling.
The Dunk, however, is a completely different approach that proposes a new way of shad fishing. What we sought were two new innovative performances. The first is the ability to capture a wide range of fish from 0.5m to 4.0m. If you are fishing a hard bottom, you can get many bites just by slowly reeling in a shallow area from 0.5m. In addition, the advantage of being able to attack steep breaks from 1.0m to 4.0m from top to bottom without changing lures is immeasurable. In addition, being able to use a slim 5cm shad in the 3.0m to 4.0m range, which was previously only possible with deep cranks with a large body, has a destructive power beyond imagination. Especially in lakes where deep cranks don't work due to pressure, or in situations where a worm is inefficient, the Dunk is likely to be the sole choice. Another innovation is the dramatic improvement in snagless performance, which is the biggest weakness of shad. The Dunk swims with a forward leaning posture that is more than 10 degrees deeper than the swim posture of the average shad, and with its super long lip, it has achieved snagless performance that is unmatched. This performance dramatically increases the number of bites. For example, the more rooted a spot is, the more bass there will be, and being able to approach more directly and tightly will be a big advantage. The irregular action that occurs when the lure continues to dodge without being rooted also increases the chances of bites. The Dunk has the silhouette of a shad, but has snagless performance more than a crank. It opens up a new way of shad fishing.

Super Long Lip

A long lip that enables a tight approach to cover in a wide range from 0.5m to 4.0m with high snagless performance.

Fully Flat Body

The flat body transmits the wave motion over a wide area and the flashing effect is also enhanced, which definitely improves the bite rate.

Self-Dropping Weight Transfer System

Because of the strong awareness of cover, the ball is held in place by a drop-in system to prevent it from sliding off course or getting caught in roots due to large fluttering, and to stabilize the swimming action.

Of all the O.S.P. lures, the Dunk is the most difficult to eye tune. This is the unavoidable price to pay for its uncommonly deep action, ultra-high pitch action, and outstanding snagless performance for a small shad.