Unused DUNK 48 F

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Condition: Unused
Length: 48mm
Weight: 4.7g
Type: Floating

Only One Bait

The advantages of suspending are stay and flying distance. On the contrary, floating plugs outperform suspending plugs in every performance except these two. This is true not only for Dunk, but for all plugs. It is true that flying distance is very important and is proportional to fishing results. However, just like the Dunk, it is possible to beat a suspending shad of the same class by floating, depending on the design. In addition, if you make full use of the floating technique, you can develop a completely different approach to the lure. Originally, the Dunk SP was a highly unique and aggressive small shad that could be approached without fear of cover, thanks to its outstanding flying distance and snagless performance. The floating version of the Dunk SP has succeeded in maintaining the above average casting distance for a small shad, while further improving the snagless performance. In addition, the pitch speed is physically higher with the floating version, and the appeal is outstanding. By adding a "floating" motion during the retrieve, even suspended bass can be captured. Another feature of this lure is that it takes more time to cast than a suspended lure. This is effective against slow bass in the low water temperature period, and if you use the "float fishing" technique, in which you let the lure swim 20 to 30 cm and then float for 2 to 3 seconds depending on the situation, you can show the lure for a long time while moving and get bass that have not been able to follow the lure to bite. This is the best way to get bass to bite. "This technique is only possible with the Dunk because of its fast swimming speed and the number of times it swings its butt over a short distance. Conditions that tend to produce a lot of suspended bass are when the surface water temperature is warmer than the bottom during the low water season, during the after spawn, and when there is shade structure on the surface. In these situations, a small difference in the range you target can make a big difference in your catch. The Dunk F is the only one bait that can get bass to bite that cannot be reached by suspending models or regular shad.

Increased hook size

Even if you increase the size of the standard #10 to #8, the hooks will not tangle with each other and the setting is designed for slow floating.

Deep forward leaning posture

The deepest forward leaning posture of any shad, realizing the No.1 snagless performance (measured in our tests).

Super Long Lip
A long lip that enables a tight approach to cover in a wide range from 0.5m to 4.0m with high snagless performance.

Fully Flat Body

The flat body transmits the wave motion over a wide area and the flashing effect is also enhanced, which definitely improves the bite rate.

Self-Dropping Weight Transfer System

Because of the strong awareness of cover, the ball is held in place by a drop-in system to prevent it from sliding off course or getting caught in roots due to large fluttering, and to stabilize the swimming action.

Of all the O.S.P. lures, the Dunk is the most difficult to eye tune. This is the unavoidable price to pay for its uncommonly deep action, ultra-high pitch action, and outstanding snagless performance for a small shad.