Unused HPF CRANK 63

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Condition: Unused
Length: 63.0mm
Weight: 9.8g
Type: Floating

The birth of another dimension high performance machine

The flat-sided crank is a practical lure with a wide flat surface that transmits a strong wave motion with intense flashing. It has a strong ability to attract bass from a wide area just by reeling it in, and if we compare its power alone, it definitely outperforms round cranks.
On the other hand, it is inferior to round crankbaits in terms of castability, snagless performance, and buoyancy. This is a structural weakness of the Flatside and the reason why this lure has been reserved for only a few experts. However, it is true that there are more and more situations where it is needed as a part of the lure rotation. This is because there are many situations where the flat side is the only lure that will work. Therefore, the HPF crank has been designed to overcome the weakness of the flat side and to be No. 1 in performance regardless of the material. The biggest weakness of wood crankbaits is their poor castability, which is solved by the center-of-gravity shifting system using large tungsten. Furthermore, the hole-in-one system (PAT.), in which the moving weight ball fits completely into the U-shaped fixed weight, allows the lure to swim with the same single point of gravity as wood, despite the center-of-gravity shift system. The weighted ball fits perfectly in the hole-in-one system (PAT.). The angler can also achieve snag-free performance beyond the level of wood by taking into consideration the angle of the lip, the position of the weight, and the position of the hook, and by strengthening the forward leaning posture. Furthermore, the honeycomb Super HP body (PAT.), which is 40% thinner while maintaining the strength of ABS resin, has been designed to provide snag-free performance beyond the level of the previous model, which has achieved a floating speed that completely exceeds the average of wood flat-sides. The synergistic effect of the lightweight, ultra-thin HP Slashbill also delivers an ultra-high pitch response that surpasses wood lures without any irregularity, and in actual fishing, the lure shows an unprecedented "pulling power" never experienced before. For example, it is not uncommon for bass that would not come out with ordinary round crankbaits to bite furiously just by passing the lure parallel to the edge of tetrapods. Moreover, even if the course is slightly off, they will bite regardless of the course. HPF cranks are the next generation of flat side cranks that have achieved a different level of performance because of the introduction of a number of new systems that have never been used before.

HP Slash Bill

The world's first success in incorporating a circuit board lip into ABS. It produces extreme sharpness and super high pitch action.

Hole-in-One System (PAT.)

The weight merges when the lure swims, achieving an ultra-high pitch action response with one weight and a stable flight posture by becoming two weights when casting.

Honeycomb Super HP body (PAT.)

Succeeded in reducing the wall thickness by 40% (compared to our company) while maintaining the strength, and achieved ultra-high pitch action response that exceeds the limits of ABS.

Super Flat Body

We aimed for a thin and infinitely square cross section. This shape maximizes the effect of the flat side.