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Condition: Unused (some scratches)
Length: 53.0mm
Weight: 9.5g
Type: Floating

Rattlin' type to fill in blind spots in strategy !

Although the original Blitz is an all-rounder, it can feel lacking under certain conditions. For example, when the noise is distracting in the wind and rain. When it is muddy and the bass are tightly attached to the structure and trying to catch the bait, you can tell the position of the lure quickly to reduce the number of missed bites. When you are checking a large area and want to get a reaction without having to make a lot of casts. To meet these needs, we used only our original bone material and equipped the rattle with steel 5.0mm diameter. This combination produces a moderate volume and has a minimal effect on buoyancy and action. In this way, Rattlin' Blitz was created to completely fill in the gaps created by the various changes in natural and usage conditions.

Red Eye

The eye color is red to make it easy to distinguish from the original Blitz. It allows for quick lure rotation in the field.

Φ5.0mm Rattle

The rattle ball generates a sound while utilizing the sharp action of the original. The rattle ball moves freely inside the body during action, and also contributes to increased castability.