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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 62.0mm
Weight: 14.0g
Type: Floating

Intimidation Bite Inducing Noisy Crank !

The concept of the Rattlin' Blitz Max is different from that of the Rattlin' Blitz (53mm), as it is generally said that the tougher the field is, the more advantageous it is to use a silent lure, but the opposite is also possible depending on the size of the bass and the timing. The Rattlin' Blitz Max is the perfect lure to use when the water is muddy or the weather is stormy, but it can also be used to intimidate big bass into using their mouths. For this bait, we chose a uniquely blended bone resin for the body, and the rattle ball is a very large steel ball with a diameter of 7.15mm (about 1.5g). The rattle ball runs freely inside the body and hits the wall on both sides strongly, and the rolling sound during the process also stimulates big bass strongly. It also moves to the tail of the lure when cast, which greatly increases the lure's casting distance. The body material is highly buoyant, so it maintains a high float and action response. In this way, the Rattlin' Blitz Max is a noisy crank that irritates and angers big bass with its noise rather than rattles, and makes them use their mouths.

Red Eye

The eye color is red to make it easy to distinguish from the original Blitz Max. It allows for quick lure rotation in the field.

Ultra-large 7.15mm diameter rattle

The high buoyancy of the Blitz Max makes it possible to mount a super large rattle that is beyond the realm of rattles. This is an overwhelming advantage in certain situations.