Unused Tiny BLITZ

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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 46mm
Weight: 6.5g
Type: Floating

Fill in the blind spots of the O.S.P crank series
and fish the present

It was developed to be able to catch more bass in the field conditions that change year by year. The need for crankbaits is high in tough conditions that cannot be avoided, such as high pressure lakes on weekends and around structure on clear lakes. In addition, their superior performance has the destructive power to make big bass that do not respond to slow fishing bite. The Tiny Blitz is easy to handle with either spinning or bait, and swims at a depth of 0.3 to 1.0m, a range never before seen in O.S.P. cranks. It is designed to be used not only for bottom knocking and swimming against structure, but also for mid-level trolling. The combination of the ultra-lightweight honeycomb super HP body (PAT.) and ultra-thin HP slash bill, which has been used in Shallow Crank since 2003, greatly contributes to the improvement of all performance including action and snagless performance. A crank bait for catching fish in today's extreme high pressure environment has been born.

HP Honeycomb Super HP Body (PAT.)

By adding honeycomb-like ribs to the inner wall of the body,
we have succeeded in reducing the thickness of the body by about 35% (compared to our previous model) while maintaining its strength. We have chosen to use a single weight with a fixed center of gravity without any rails to move the center of gravity, which reduces swimming response. The zero-waste design, which has been consistently implemented since the founding of the company, has realized ultra-high response swimming.

Semi-flat body

By making the body semi-flat, it maintains the snagless performance of round cranks while incorporating the advantages of flat side cranks. Although it has a small body, it produces strong flashing and waves in a shallow range to trigger bites from a wide range.

HP Slash Bill

Ultra-thin 0.8mm HP Slash Bill, which is impossible to be made of ABS resin, is used to achieve extreme sharpness, response and sensitivity on contact with structure. The flat and wide tip protects the tip of the lure and prevents the lure from tapping on the structure too often, resulting in high snagless performance.