Unused Tiny BLITZ DR

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Condition: Unused
Length: 45mm
Weight: 6.7g
Type: Floating

Let them eat freestyle

The Tiny Blitz DR is a small crankbait that can be comfortably used with spinning tackle or bait tackle, and is perfectly suited for tough conditions. When fully cast on bait tackle with nylon line,
the maximum diving depth reaches 3.4 m*1 and it also has the longest flying distance compared to other crankbaits in its class*2 (according to our research).
It is a great advantage to be able to send the lure to the desired range with a short cast, not only to deep range fishing with a full cast, but also to various structures scattered at a depth of around 0.5 to 2m, such as in front of a sluice gate, vertical seawalls, and collapsed structures like vanishing wave blocks or seawalls.
The action is a tight wobble and roll with a sharp, high pitch specification that can be used in all water conditions, from clear to muddy water, and is also designed to be used in tough condition.
The fixed weight and super lightweight honeycomb super HP body (PAT.) not only makes the lure swim quickly after landing on the water, but it also quickly regains its position after contacting structure or the bottom, and continues to attract bass with a steady action that does not bounce too much or move too far away. line, it bites the water and dives straight down to the surface. This is a notable difference from shad plugs, which are not good for use with thick lines due to loss of action and reduced casting distance.
The semi-flat body with a flattened vertical profile and a wider tip than most shad plugs contributes to improved snagless performance. The floating speed is set not too fast for tough conditions, and even if the rear hook is changed to size #6, it will not tangle with big bass, and it will stay floating even if the front and rear hooks are changed to size #6. The Tiny Blitz DR completely overcomes the weaknesses of small crankbaits, such as insufficient dead weight, and reduced castability and accuracy caused by the long lip shape that creates air resistance, and is a practical small crankbait that is useful in the field, whether on a boat or off the boat.

*1 Bait tackle: 6ft6in medium with 10lb. nylon line
*2 Bait tackle: 6ft6in medium with 12lb. nylon line

HP Honeycomb Super HP Body (PAT.)

The honeycomb super HP body enables significant weight reduction while maintaining body strength. Combined with a fixed weight with a low center of gravity, it achieves ultra responsive swimming.

Semi-flat body

The body design attracts bass and brings them to bite despite its small size. The semi-flat sides of the body enhance the flashing and wave action, making it visually appealing to bass and appealing to the lateral line as well.

Long Bill

The wide tip boasts high snagless performance against structures such as vanishing wave blocks and rocky debris. It can reach a maximum depth of 3.4m and has a light reeling feel.