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Condition: New
Length: 59.5mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating

LEVEL CRANK MID is a mid-runner which aims to capture the bottom of the 1.5-2M range lightly and boldly.

It can not be reached with a normal shallow crank, it is too dive with a general mid range crank and the winding resistance is large and it is difficult to handle ... Level Crank Mid is a special type mid range crankbait that has been developed aiming at the golden range that has been attacking until now.

The Level Crank Mid has a unique shape in order to easily break through hard bottoms such as lip wraps and spilled rocks sinking at a depth of 1.5 to 2 meters, which is a common mid range crank that rushes to pierce the bottom. The "Catapult Lip" made the dive angle shallower. It contacts at a shallow angle to gently lick the bottom, and entices the fish while dodging obstacles tightly and brilliantly.
Another feature of the Level Crank Mid is that the dive angle is shallow and the resistance during retrieval is light. Since the mid range can be cut quickly with good tempo, it also supports anglers in terms of efficiency.

To eliminate trash and to ensure buoyancy, a keel rib is used on the inner wall of the body as with a level crank or level shad, and a fixed built-in weight is introduced. The high buoyancy increases the survival rate from the half stack and improves the action response. At the same time, the ability to quickly recover from an obstacle hit enables a more aggressive bottom knock.
In addition, the proper weight position and the exquisite lip setting angle realize an outstanding cast feel that does not seem to be a long grip + fixed center of gravity.

Mid-range fishing that has tended to be avoided until now. Level Crank Mid is a new way to overcome various obstacles in the Golden Range, which can be called a haven for fish.

■ Catapult lip
The catapult lip that only LEVEL CRANK MID has is a new idea to keep the dive angle shallow and not to dive more than necessary. The unique shape of the catapult accurately captures the water flow received by the lip, and keeps the dive angle shallow by suppressing the body's ability to stand up.
■ Keel Rib
Uses keel ribs proven in LEVEL CRANK and LEVEL SHAD. An epoch-making structure that transforms the negative factor of waste into a positive factor of buoyancy by shaping the inner wall thickness to the utmost while ensuring body strength. RAID Japan's unique superior structure that increases the flying distance due to the added weight of the loading weight, increases the survival rate when stacking, and even increases the response of the action by increasing the buoyancy.