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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 125.0mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Slow Floating

LEVEL MINNOW is a 125mm class minnow plug that thoroughly pursues three keywords: "casting distance", "action response" and "range response capability".

Impact Distance
LEVEL MINNOW is equipped with a magnetic center-of-gravity shifting mechanism. The moving weight, released from the magnetic force by take-back during casting, moves to the rear end of the body, producing an explosive casting distance that is top class even among minnows in the same class. Please enjoy the shocking casting distance achieved by balancing not only the center-of-gravity shifting mechanism, but also the body form, lip placement angle, and the presence of a counterweight that stabilizes the posture during flight. In a headwind, you will be able to experience the true difference in the LEVEL MINNOW's performance.

Amazing action response
Generally, long minnows are noticeably sluggish and slow in action due to their length, but LEVEL MINNOW is designed to be a "minnow plug that can be just reeled". We have succeeded in obtaining an astonishing action response that is a departure from conventional long minnows. It has reached the ultimate level of action, where the weight of the line is all that is needed to make it move. When reeling it in, the super-tight, high-speed pitch action will dazzle the angler. When drifting with the current, the lure creates a sense of life as if it is swimming by itself, bringing even the most seasoned monsters to bite. In addition, the LEVEL MINNOW is not only reeled in, but also highly dimensional and can be used with rod work. By jerking or twitching, the lure will dart in a beautiful and shiny motion.

Range-following ability
The LEVEL MINNOW swims at a shallow diving angle and maintains a horizontal posture thanks to a semi-catapult system installed in the lip. The maximum diving depth when fully cast is about 1.5 m (fluorocarbon line), and the range can be adjusted depending on the rod position. The semi-catapult system provides the angler with the freedom to freely trace a range from just under 1 m to just over 1.5 m by positioning the rod higher when the angler does not want it to dive and lower when the angler wants it to dive.


The LEVEL MINNOW is equipped with a "semi-catapult lip," succeeding the catapult lip that has an established reputation with the LEVEL CRANK MID. The semi-catapult lip maintains a horizontal swim posture at a shallow diving angle and makes it easy to intentionally adjust the diving depth depending on the rod position during retrieve. This makes it possible to control the range from just under 1 m to just over 1.5 m as desired.

Magnetic center-of-gravity shifting mechanism

The LEVEL MINNOW is equipped with a fixed magnetic center-of-gravity shifting mechanism. The center of gravity is shifted to the tail of the body by releasing the moving weight from the magnet during take-back when casting. The synergistic effect of the slim body gives the Level Minnow the highest casting distance in its class.