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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 50.3mm
Weight: 4.3g
Type: Suspend

The LEVEL SHAD packs all the crucial elements of what RAID JAPAN wanted in a compact ultra-light shad jerkbait. Like a precision instrument, it captures the company’s technology and spirit.
When bank fishing, a compact ultra-light body is much less effective if it doesn’t cast long. The LEVEL SHAD is optimized for body shape, wind resistance of the lip, and weight transfer system for a total balance that leads to top-class casting distance among 50mm class shad jerkbaits. With stable casts, there’s more opportunity to put the bait through the strike zone. Of course, casting far only makes sense when paired with an attractive action. The LEVEL SHAD flees like a small baitfish with its fine high-pitched action. It produces vibrations that you’ve never felt before. The idea of these lifelike superfine vibrations is not lure fish in, but to present it right in front of them to get bites without hesitation. The tight high-pitched action also creates less sway on the rear hook which leads to a better hookup ratio. That means on short bites, there’s less chance of shallow hook sets or missing completely. Under the toughest conditions, that rare bite is landed with high probability. When the fishing gets tough in any season and you’re clawing for that one fish, the LEVEL SHAD is sure to be a savior. Take your shad jerkbait game higher with the LEVEL SHAD, the compact precision machine that comes alive.