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CALCUTTA CONQUEST BFS, a bait finesse-only machine with cutting-edge functions condensed into a graceful circular body, has been reborn with a low-inertia Magnum Light Spool III and a NEW FTB. Lightweight lures are extended as if they were crawling even lower on the surface of the water, and can be used for flip casts of about 1g. The FTB brake system, which eliminates the brake unit from the spool, also contributes to lower spool inertia. The magnet brake, which takes advantage of the centrifugal characteristics of the spool, provides stable and extended casting. Furthermore, its brake control performance has been improved by enlarging the stroke of the brake unit and placing a magnetic ring that removes the magnetic force during min-braking. The X-SHIP firmly supports the gears, the carbon cloth washers are smooth even with light line, and the exciting drag sound captivates anglers. The circular body, made of cold-forged material and finished by high-precision machining, is not only beautiful but also more compact and easy to perch. The circular body of the CALCUTTA CONQUEST BFS, which looks beautiful in nature, gives this reel a unique and sweet view of the world.

Circular Form

The CALCUTTA CONQUEST BFS is Shimano's only circular bait finesse reel. The massive body, created by forge cutting, is not only functional, but also wears beauty and elegance as a tool. The traditional form that blends in with the natural scenery and the unique presence of a circular reel, facing the profound world of light lures, especially for  bass and mountain stream trout, satisfies the angler's heart.


Equipped with MGL Spool III, which achieves low inertia by significantly reducing the thickness of the spool. The MGL spool III has a light, lively cast feel immediately after release, and has also improved long castability and trouble-free performance. Pinpoint casting with low trajectory is also possible. Lightweight lures can be comfortably delivered to cover.


CALCUTTA CONQUEST BFS features the NEW FTB, which allows a wider range of brake settings by expanding the movable range of the brake unit. The new FTB has succeeded in reducing the effect of magnetism on the spool to as close to zero as possible, thanks to the magnetic ring effect. The new FTB has a light start and a low trajectory with extension, which has been further refined.

New FTB has a magnetic ring inside. The design allows the brake unit to have a larger stroke than the conventional type, and the magnetic ring can be further retracted, thereby minimizing the effect of magnetic force on the spool during minimum braking to as close to zero as possible.

S3D / Silent Tune

S3D, a cutting technology that enhances spool accuracy, and Silent Tune, which applies light pressure to the bearing that holds the spool to reduce vibration at high speeds, also contribute greatly to improved casting performance. In addition to the MGL Spool III and the New FTB, we have thoroughly eliminated elements that impede rotation to achieve a stable cast with elongation that does not stall until just before landing on the water.

As with the 21 CALCUTTA CONQUEST, the body has been made more compact. The spool is positioned lower in line with the lower-profile body, allowing the angler to grip the spool with a more natural form. The height of the spool reduces interference with the thumb, allowing greater freedom of the wrist and more flexible and accurate casting.

■ Micromodule Gear
■ X-Ship
■ Silent Tune
■ Finesse-Tuned Brake System
■ S Compact Body
■ Exciting Drag Sound
■ S3D Spool
■ Super Free Spool
■ Saltwater OK

■ HG (High Gear)
Gear Ratio:  7.8 : 1
Maximum Drag: 3.5kg
Weight: 195g
Ball Bearing: 13 S A-RB
Roller Bearing: 1
Line Retrieve per Crank: 71cm
Line Capacity: fluoro (lb-m) #8-45

■ XG (Extra High Gear)
Gear Ratio:  8.9 : 1
Maximum Drag: 3.5kg
Weight: 195g
Ball Bearing: 13 S A-RB
Roller Bearing: 1
Line Retrieve per Crank: 81cm
Line Capacity: fluoro (lb-m) #8-45