Bantam Bt Frog

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Condition: New
Length: 64mm
Weight: 17g
Type: Floating

"High appeal" skipping frog

Bt Frog has a high ability to avoid uprooting. It can be used in the depths of cover and in bushes where other lures would be hesitant to attack, and it can be used while tangling in bushes.
One of the appealing features of the Bt Frog is that it can be used as both a bait fish and an insect depending on how you move it and attack it.
In addition, many flog lures are flooded while in use and require pre-tuning and draining before use, but the Bt Frog has a twin-room body that reduces flooding and eliminates the need for extra tuning and draining, allowing you to continue using it without stress.
Its 17g weight and long skirt make it very appealing, so it can be used not only in covered areas but also in open areas.

Although frogs have a strong image of mid-summer, they can be used in a wide range of conditions from spring to fall as long as the fish are conscious of the surface of the water because they are entangled in cover and can be passed through tightly.
In addition, because the BT Frog is made of a soft hollow body, it produces a softer and more natural landing sound and action than other hard lures.
For example, even in open water, when pencil baits and poppers are not responding, the BT Frog can be used in rotation, and in many cases it is effective against inactive fish.

How to use the Bt Frog
Do not move it too much, because it is mainly used with PE line, which has little stretch and conveys the action as it is. It is recommended that you operate the lure with a little line slack so that the action is soft and the lure blends in with the water.
If you want to increase the splash and appeal to a wider area in open water, reduce the line slack while keeping the action the same so that the rod action is transmitted more directly to the lure.

The Bt Frog was completed to attack the depths of the cover where we had been hesitant to attack. The hollow frog shape with high snag-less performance is designed for easy skipping, a feature that sets it apart from others. The beautiful low trajectory as if it were running over the surface of the water is made possible by the center-balanced structure that distributes the weight to the front and rear of the lure. The buoyant posture of the lure accurately captures the surface of the water, and from the first action, the lure pushes the water hard to make a strong appeal to the target. In addition, the double-layered body structure prevents the hook from slipping and water from penetrating into the body after skipping. A super-aggressive frog that won't waste a moment's chance was born.

Center Balance

The integrated weight structure of the hook distributes the weight to the front and back. The weight is less likely to pierce the surface of the water than weights that are concentrated in the rear, making it easier to skipping the water. Because the head does not float up easily, it pushes the water firmly during action for high appeal.

Twin Room Body

Separate sub-room and main room with built-in eye, hook, and weight to help you stay buoyant. This reduces flooding and allows you to maintain the targeted action longer.

Hooking Slit

The slit with a locally thin body supports the folding of the body when the fish bites and increases the hooking rate.