Bantam Bt Sraptor

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Condition: New
Length: 182mm
Weight: 58g
Type: Floating

Semi-automatic switching baits with range control

Semi-autoswitching bait, Bt Sraptor, for bass that were only in the chase. Changing the reel speed causes the lure to change its trajectory in the direction of the surface. This lure creates an opportunity for fish to bite with an imitated escape action when they are being driven away. The unique jointed structure eliminates any mechanical movement and makes the lure stand up quickly at dead slow. By inserting a nail sinker into the buoyancy adjustment section in the belly, you can adjust the buoyancy from slow floating to slow sinking.

This is a semi-autoswitching bait that attacks bass that have previously only chased, and quickly gets them to bite. A single jerk or instantaneous increase in reel speed causes the lure to rapidly change its trajectory towards the surface. The escape action, which imitates a bait fish being driven away, creates an opportunity for the fish to bite. The unique triple connective mechanism eliminates the mechanical movement of the S-stroke action and makes the lure stand up quickly. The lure has an exquisite clearance in the vertical as well as the horizontal direction, and combined with the shifted tail with different widths in the upper and lower body, it enables instantaneous movement and restores balance. The lure does not fail on high speed retrieves and achieves stable swimming.

shift tail

The shift tail produces an escape action. The difference in the shape of the upper and lower tails creates a difference in the resistance of the water and a twisting action that makes the lure swim more stable and jump out of the water.

weight holder

The silicone tube in the belly is loaded with a nail sinker. It can be adjusted to various types of lures from slow floating to slow sinking.