Bantam Macbeth 50 Limited Color

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Condition: New
Length: 50mm
Weight: 12g
Type: Floating

Multi-cover crank

The Macbeth 50 is based on the Macbeth, which has been refined in terms of cover avoidance performance, and all the "selfishness" has been packed into it. The lip size is almost the same as that of the original, and the body shape has been redesigned for stronger swimming action. The rear hook eye is equipped with a thick shaft eye that does not deform easily even when hit by obstacles, and by adjusting the front and rear hook positions, it is possible to install a hook that is one size larger than the original. This is to improve the hooking rate and reduce the chance of the lure falling apart. We hope you will experience the power of this compact strong lure that has been created through many tests.

Wild Spec
The rear side is equipped with a thick shaft eye that does not deform easily even if it hits an obstacle. The hook size is made one size larger to improve the hooking rate and reduce breakage.

O's weight

The O's weight is an integral part of the hook eye, which is essential for the lure to rise quickly after avoiding obstacles. This structure, which keeps the center of gravity at the lowest level, is also effective in improving the sharpness of movement.

Wide Lip

The same lip as the original is mounted on a disproportionately compact body. This design may seem unbalanced, but it achieves the movement and outstanding obstacle avoidance performance that only this shape can produce.

Side Slash Edge Lip

The action of a lure is created by the balance between the lip and the body, but the resistance of the lip side is also an important factor. The side edge is specially processed in the mold, and this is where the sharp action of the Macbeth comes from.