Bantam World Crank 73F FLASHBOOST

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Condition: New
Length: 73mm
Weight: 17g
Type: Floating

Stable flying distance and continuous appeal
in the water induce bites !

The World Crank is a crank bait equipped with Flash Boost and the AR-C center of gravity shifting system. The AR-C system provides a stable flying posture and distance that is resistant to headwinds. The Flash Boost system gives the bait continuous appeal even when it is hooked on weeds and then released, or when it hits a structure and then stops in the water or floats up.

Strengths of World Crank
World Crank is equipped with Shimano's original technologies such as Flash Boost, AR-C center-of-gravity shifting system, mad scale and strong scale colors, which are supported by many anglers regardless of fish species. The World Crank has a range of up to 4m. World Crank has the ability to dive up to 4m range, but its swim posture is extremely horizontal. The flashing ability of the entire body is enhanced and the flash boost amplifies its appeal. Because of its stable swimming start and posture in the water, it can avoid obstacles such as rocks, standing trees, fallen wood and weeds.

Effective season and situation of World Crank
World Crank can be used in the range of 2m to 3m with a short to medium distance cast, and up to 4m with a full cast (depending on the line used). The World Crank is a crank bait that can be used all year round, regardless of the season, but we recommend using it in the shallow range of 2m and below. Diving cranks are often avoided especially in shallow areas where the bottom changes rapidly and there are many invisible structures, but by using the long lip as a bumper, it is possible to trace the bottom while avoiding obstacles with the lip. It is possible to use the shallow crank like Macbeth for quick pulling in shallow range, and the world crank for licking bottom changes and structures.

Crankbait techniques that go beyond just reeling
When you think of crankbaits, you may have a strong image of continuing to reel them in to speedily explore an area. Of course, the World Crank also excels at searching widely and quickly, mainly by retrieving. On the other hand, there is a way of using the crankbait that is difficult to imitate with other lures or soft baits. That is the "stop and let it float" action. When attacking cover with soft baits, the fall speed differs depending on the presence or absence of a sinker, but they all have one thing in common: they sink. On the other hand, when a crankbait makes contact with structure or the bottom, the lure will surface by itself by simply stopping the retrieve. This "stop and float" technique not only helps the lure avoid obstacles, but it also makes the lure look like it is running away to the surface, which can turn on the fish. In addition, the World Crank lure with Flash Boost has a reflective plate inside that keeps flashing while the lure is stopped, which makes the lure more attractive to fish.

Color Rotation
To get the most out of Flash Boost, we recommend using colors with strong flashing properties such as silver and gold. In situations where the baitfish are aware of the baitfish, silver is the best choice.
The World Crank's chart-tiger color is particularly appealing because it is half-clear and you can see the flickering flash boost inside the body, making it an appealing color that can blend in with a variety of water colors.