Bantam World Pop 69F FLASHBOOST

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Condition: New
Length: 69mm
Weight: 12g
Type: Floating

A popper with an attractive variation of feeding techniques by mixing popping and walking.

"The World Pop 69F Flash Boost is a topwater that brings out the best of Flash Boost's ability to "continue to appeal even when stopped. The World Pop 69F Flash Boost is designed with a #5 hook with an eye on the world's game fish as well as lunker class bass. The lure is designed to float in a horizontal position for easy swinging action on thick lines.

Flash Boost

The flash boost mechanism uses a spring to suspend a reflective plate inside the body. Using the vibration of rod action, the spring makes the lure vibrate even more and keeps attracting the fish with small sparkling flashes even during drifting when the lure is not moving.


Realizes a dog walk with little travel distance with a mixture of splashing and popping sound. When popping, the lure's low buoyancy and unique cup shape allows it to pop with an air curtain. The bait's floating posture makes it difficult to be seen even when stopped, the air curtain blurs the silhouette, and the flashing of the flash boost triggers bites.