Unused EXSENCE Silent Assassin 140S FLASHBOOST

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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 140mm
Weight: 28g
Type: Sinking

The proven Silent Assassin 140 with Flash Boost !

Assassins have built up numerous achievements.
New body design for a higher level

The body has been strengthened with Flash Boost. It also swims well even with 5000XG reel and #2 PE line setting.

Unique structure with mirror plate that keeps reflecting
Flash Boost" is strong enough for day games

The flash boost mechanism uses a spring to suspend a reflector inside the body. The spring amplifies the vibration caused by rod action, etc., so that the lure continues to attract fish with its quick, sparkling flashing even when it is drifting without moving.


Hologram with Shimano's original scale pattern developed in pursuit of true realism.


A hologram that emphasizes the size of the scales of the KRORIN (狂鱗) and increases its appeal.
Available only color in 002, 004 and 007.