Unused EXSENCE Strong Assassin 125F FLASHBOOST

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Condition: Unused
Length: 125mm
Weight: 25g
Type: Floating

Strong Assassin 125 evolved with Flash Boost !

The Strong Assassin is powerful enough to safely handle lunker sea bass and even yellow tail targeted from the shore. Equipped with Jet Boost, the lure's flight performance allows it to reach hard-to-reach points, such as the boil in the surf and distant tide lines at rocky shores. The action is a wide wobble and roll, pushing the water firmly and appealingly. The lure has a good water bite on retrieve, and is designed to transmit the strength of the current and the movement of the tide to the angler's hand. Furthermore, the lure is equipped with Flash Boost, which causes the body to quiver and flashes when drifting with the current or tide to attract the fish.


Hologram with Shimano's original scale pattern developed in pursuit of true realism.


A hologram that emphasizes the size of the scales of the KYORIN (狂鱗) and increases its appeal.