Sephia Clinch FLASH BOOST

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Condition: New
Size: #2.5
Weight: 10g

Keeps attracting squid even if the lure doesn't move!
The reflector operates even in the stay state, flashing!

The flash-boosting mechanism is installed inside the body while maintaining the high power performance of the Clinch series. The reflective plate shakes not only during the darting action, but also during free fall and tension fall to attract the squid. It can be used in a wide variety of ways by incorporating it into your regular rotation.

Equipped with a large flashing plate optimized for each body size!

The size of the flashing plate is optimized according to the body size of each lure (No. 2.5 and No. 3). The size of the flashing plate is optimized according to the size of the body of the bait (No. 2.5 and No. 3), so a more solid light appeal effect can be expected.

The reflector shakes and flashes even when the lure's posture changes little!

The flash boost mechanism transmits even the slightest vibration of the body to the reflector, so the reflector shakes and generates flashing not only during the darting action after the lure is hooked, but also during the fall and bottom stay when the lure's posture changes relatively little.
Therefore, it effectively appeals to the squid during fall and stay, which is especially important in eging, and leads to catching squid.

There are some squid that can only be caught with Flash Boost.

The light emitted by the Flash Boost in the water looks like a small fish running away, stimulating the feeding habits of the squid and bringing them to bite. During the testing of the prototype model, we had a series of bites when we introduced the Flash Boost in a situation where the normal clinch did not produce any response. This new lure will help you catch squid that you have been missing out on. The action itself is the same as the Clinch series, with a sharp darting action.

Upholstered body and skeleton body allow you to change your light taste!

The color lineup includes a skeleton type and an upholstered type. The former is characterized by its highly appealing linear light, while the latter is characterized by its mild, baitfish-like, soft light due to its diffused light.

Double visual appeal with flash boost and Keimura colors!

Six of the 14 colors in the lineup are the popular Keimura colors. The synergistic effect of the flashing appeal of the flash boost and the visual appeal of the Keimura color will attract the squid.

Attracting fish with "light"

Shimano's original technology "Flash Boost" is installed inside the lure. The reflective plate suspended by a spring does not stop vibrating and keeps flashing even when the squid lure is not moving, such as when darting by jerking, falling or staying. It continues to appeal to squid.

Hold the squid with movement

The Clinch Flash Boost is designed to attract squid with its flashing action and the double appeal of its continuous movement inside the lure. The webbing sinker design allows for continuous darting and is recommended for catching autumn squid.

Like a living creature

The flash boost unit not only produces flashing, but also fine vibrations of the internal plate to imitate the movement of gills and internal organs of bait fish, which squid love, and the life of shrimp that keep moving their paws. It was developed for the purpose of creating a sense of life that can be shown and held firmly by a squid with large eyes.

The lure never stops!

Flash Boost provides a spontaneous appeal that is impossible to achieve with ordinary lures. Flash Boost continues to attract even when the bait freezes, even though it is easy to get a bite with a fall, drift or bottom stay.

It works for squid! Double appeal of flash boost and Keimura

Recommended on cloudy days and at the beginning of the day!