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Condition: Used (Hooks are rusty)
Length: 150mm
Weight: 94g
Type: Floating

A versatile popper that appeals not only when popping,
but also when jerked and dived or retrieved straight

The BUBBLE CHAMBER has a new mechanism that allows water from the water inlet on the top of the cup to mix with air inside the body, creating fine bubbles that are blown out from the outlet on the back of the lure.
The BUBBLE CHAMBER generates more bubbles by taking in more water. For this reason, the cross section of the water inlet is designed to be slightly narrower at the entrance and slightly wider inside. This shape is a technology used in the engine mouths of jet airplanes, and is employed to efficiently inhale more air.
By applying this technology, we have devised a way to efficiently inhale as much water as possible around the cup as well as in the front.

Although it has a fixed center of gravity, it has been designed to have a stable flight balance. Buoyancy design to keep the body submerged in the water, so that the cup is always positioned near the surface of the water and the lure can be popped repeatedly without making mistakes. It is also suitable for jerking and diving for yellowtail. It dives into the water like a diving pencil while drawing in a lot of bubbles in the water.